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The Space in Between

{...the line begins to blur...}

Things that you can’t know or determine are things that are neither meant to be or not meant to be.  You can’t look back in life and say, “Oh, things weren’t just meant to be.”  That’s not how life works regardless of how comfortable it makes us feel.  Humans like the feeling of a controlled life outside of our selves.  It’s not this way.  Things often just are or aren’t.  Saying that things weren’t meant to be is cheating in observation.  You’re the only one with a conscience and awareness of your thoughts.  Nothing outside of your body and mind is in control of your fate like someone else steering your life with choice above yours.  Things are only meant to be or not meant to be if you choose them that way.  To say otherwise is to admit that you are not in control of your own life’s decisions are forfeit the responsibility of your actions.  

Poetic? Yes. But the universe does not work you and the balance of your inequalities, injustices, and purposes.  Just numbers, chemicals, energy, and biology.  The rest is up to you.  

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